Architectural Project


Artistic interventions conceived, coordinated, and carried out by Canova within architectural projects
Canova carries out specific tailor-made and contextualized interventions as part of its art consultancy and curatorial projects. Strengthened by the experience gained in the field of designing exhibitions and major cultural events, the Canova staff offers outfitting solutions in a residential setting that is perfectly in line with the design choices of the architects and the tastes of the client. 


The close relationship between the Architecture Firm, the client, and Canova assumes fundamental importance in the search for effective solutions. Canova professionals, from the first access to the environment (home, company, hotel, etc.) prepare a detailed set-up program that brings each work to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Rendering and actual staging tests allow the achievement of the best result for the maximum satisfaction of the client. The selection of works that make up the “curatorial proposal” is developed according to criteria of historical-stylistic coherence, as well as in consideration of the nature of “investment” that is typical of the work of art asset.
In this sense, the consultancy is not limited to the period relating to the construction/renovation of the environment but continues over time to ensure continuous assistance regarding future choices for expansion or disinvestment of the investment.


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