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Within his activities, Canova also places a deep focus on ancient works, which often require reconstructive or conservative interventions. The restoration of the works constitutes the set of operations aimed at extending the life of the artifacts and involves intervention on the subject. According to the Charter of the Conservation and Restoration of Art and Culture Objects (1987), the term restoration identifies “any intervention which, in compliance with the principles of conservation and based on previous cognitive investigations of any kind, is aimed to the object, as far as possible, its legibility and, where necessary, its use “. The less experienced will especially appreciate the return of the work to its original splendor.

Chiara Canevara

Silvia Tansini

To offer maximum experience and professionalism to its customers, our company makes use of the advice and experience of a team of professional restorers accredited by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to exercise the profession, in charge of all phases of the project. recovery of artistic assets: from the inspection to verify the state of conservation, to the planning of the intervention, to the realization of the restoration. The process ends with the preparation of a report of the activities carried out accompanied by images. The execution of interventions on individual works, collections, and collections, both private and institutional, can be carried out both on-site and in the on-site laboratory and, in the case of notified goods, in constant collaboration with the competent Superintendencies.

The different specializations also concern the conservation of contemporary poly material artwork which requires specific and transversal knowledge of the innumerable varieties of materials and above all their behavior towards the products used in the execution of the restoration, as well as a deep knowledge of each artist and his intentionality, constantly updated and confronted with new techniques and materials adopted. The following are the areas of specialization:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Conservative and integrative restoration
  • Verification of the state of conservation
  • Condition report
  • Exhibition consultancy
  • Exhibition set-up
  • Assembly of works and installations
  • Preventive conservation