Luigi Pellanda

Born in Bassano del Grappa in 1964. Self-taught artist has cultivated the suavassion for art since the early seventies, a period in which he experiments multiple artistic disciplines practiced by many brothers, passing from music to ceramics, painting on canvas, with natural ease .Ma is the vision of Caravaggio’s paintings that marks him profoundly: from the time of school the great artist has represented his ideal objective of a way of doing “painting”, thanks to his strong contrasts of light and shadow.

The passion for nature, especially for fauna and botany, becomes inspiration and inspiration for tempera paintings on board that engage his personal research for most of the eighties. In 1991 he devoted himself intensely to the study of still life. At the same time also the staff of Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), which will definitely mark his artistic and professional career. In 1993, just two years after the first exhibition, he already collaborates with well-known art galleries nationwide, participating in the most important contemporary art fairs. In 1996, after having admired an etching by Giovanni Barbisan in an exhibition on engraving at the museum of Bassano del Grappa, he became passionate about the art of engraving and after having acquired the technique and having obtained all the necessary tools, press, plates, inks, series of recordings personally edited and printed in his studio.

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