Ennio Calabria

“Starting from his first personal exhibition ordered in Rome in ’58, at La Feluca gallery, the critics had always been strongly interested in Ennio Calabria, also, in more than one case, the critical one that can be thought farther from his positions. The fact is that Calabria, from the beginning of his career as an artist and therefore along the entire journey of his research, revealed such a rich wealth of motifs and such a figurative energy, which could not have happened otherwise. Principle was above all his overflowing talent to move such interest, but later, together with the evident character of his gifts, to solicit the critical relationship with his images was also and particularly the actuality of the problems of which the images of his works appeared and arrogant metaphors appear. “ Mario de Micheli, To understand the Enigma, Violence, Beauty, in “Ennio Calabria”, Vangelista publisher, 1985

A careful witness of his time, his painting is aimed at both the social and the existential territory.
In 1959 he participated for the first time at the VII Quadrennial of Art in Rome. It will also be present at the editions of 1972, 1986 and 1999. In 1961 together with the painters Attardi, Farulli, Gianquinto, Guccione and Vespignani, and to the critics Del Guercio, Micacchi and Morosini founded the group “The Pros and Cons” which becomes a strong point of reference for new figurative research in Italy. In 1964 he was invited to the Venice International Art Biennial and from 1974 to 1978 he was a member of the Board of Directors.

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