Opere & Bio

Ciro Palumbo

Born in Zurich in 1965. His artistic career starts with the poetics of the metaphysical school of Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savinio, to reinvent the foundations, however, according to an entirely original personal interpretation. In his research he proceeds through moments of contemplation and metaphysical silences, contrasted by nocturnal and intimately tormented expressions, where one clearly breathes the detachment from the silent immobility that inhabits the canvases of the Pictor Optimus. His works therefore appear as stages in which the objects present are bearers of dreamlike symbols. Ciro Palumbo is not only a painter, but in fact a poet who reflects, acts and composes to combine metaphors on the eludibility of time and the incommensurability of space, thus showing his ability to deepen the observation not so much of nature, but of imaginative impressions that come from memory. Curious researcher and scholar, he has been working for a few years on the theme of Myth, interpreting classical mythology in an exquisitely modern key, and giving a deeply cultured and evocative reading. The artist therefore succeeds in sublimating and contextualizing the ancient myths in spaces outside of time, demonstrating their contemporaneity.

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