Andrea De Luca

 “It is a phantasmic universe in which landscape and human figures merge, but do not get confused, maintaining their grammar of clear and dark that contend the flat spatiality of the images, as obeying an intimate recall of the chromatic coherences that are of abstraction and the informal itself, as if to say that we find ourselves in a great contamination, of a appearing that does not pretend to be iconic, but does not suffice to be allusive and interesting.

A great sense of solitude dominates, in the halo of an infinite wait that does not find answers and therefore is forced to prolong itself, projecting itself into a void that dominates as an atmosphere in which everything becomes enigmatic, even what seems to be made of known things , whether they are live or dead natures, gathered by a technique that is like a net with thick meshes “(Francesco Gallo)





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