An ambitious name for an ambitious reality.

Canova loves beauty, in all its forms. We are professionals in the field of art, we chose to team together, each with its own bag of experience, each with its own skills. What does our business consist of? We set ourselves as the trait d’union among the “insiders” (artists, museums, galleries, companies) and “users” (collectors, visitors, enthusiasts).

From the great artist Antonio Canova we inherit the idea of ​​a contemporary neo-classicism: the recovery and preservation of traditions through a constant process of innovation. Canova worked in an old fashion shop: the help of his many collaborators and the undisputed excellence of his work were at the base of his many commissions.
So our reality is proposed as a forge of ideas, an incubator of cultural projects and artistic creations. We think in great measure, so that our “works” can become immortal.

Through the design of exhibitions and events, we support worthy artists in their growth path and we value the recognized masters by the most authoritative critic. We make valuable editions, catalogs and art books. We use the best collaborations for communication projects and cultural promotion, always attentive to the most modern trends.

Canova is tradition and innovation.

In Rome, where the great sculptor made some of his most famous works, we lay our foundations, while at the same time guaranteeing our presence throughout Italy, with an important base in Milan and collaborations in major european cities and the world.
We are ready to welcome ideas, proposals, projects from all those who love art and who, like us, have made it a reason for life.